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Renegade Bootcamp …

Renegade has teamed up with @rushhourcanadafitness to bring you Renegade Bootcamp.
…. Many Renegades crave physical activity in a comfortable, motivating, fun, and non-judgmental environment. Renegade Bootcamp was created to provide the benefits of personal training in a group setting where we focus on and encourage physical vitality.
…. Hour long classes will start May 24th at 6:30 and will run every Wednesday at the same time. Weather permitting; we will enjoy outdoor classes on a weekly basis.
…. 10 class package = $80
Individual classes = $15
…. Payments to be made directly to Rush Hour Canada upon arrival to class.
…. If you would like to join, please contact us to find out how to prepare and what to bring with you!!
…. We’re excited to see you at the Rush Hour Canada studio at 121 Oxford St. E.

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Gains on a Tuesday…

gains tuesday

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Kids Power Conference 2015…..

What a month November was, beautiful weather and lots of things to do!! One of the highlights for me this month was the Kids Power Conference. What a great opportunity it was to work with the Investing in Children group. They have a really great staff and put the kids first. I took part in 2 separate presentations.  Having the children up on stage with us, focusing on the aspects of fitness and the difference between Sports and Fitness. I like to say ” It’s not always about putting a ball into a hoop”. I had a blast and hope to do more work with the Investing in Children group.

Here is a little snippet from their web site, I encourage you to visit the site (CLICK HERE) and take a look at all the wonderful things this group is doing in the community of London …


“On Thursday, November 12th, in partnership with the London Public Library, 80 students attended our Kids Power Conference. This event brings together students identified as leaders by their teachers and peers for a day of leadership-themed workshops and presentations. Students develop their leadership skills and are hopefully inspired to start positive initiatives within their schools and communities. 

Seven organizations and businesses offered workshops on topics ranging from building racial and cultural understanding, to making use of local resources, and to the connection between a healthy body and a sharp mind.”

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 12.10.22 PM kidspowerconference2015stagephoto

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