November 19, 2014 Spencer Brudenell

Diets based on good food work.

The Old cliché “the Next best thing” is what is killing your training and nutrition. I can’t say I have not fallen to those sweet words, on more than one occasion… I have returned from an injury prone September and October. A bike fall coupled with a achilles injury have sidelined me.  Oh and my Bike was stolen last week…. (kick ya when you’re down)

It has not been all bad. It gave me ample time to reflect on my training, my clients and where I wanted to be with my fitness. I realized that since i was unable to lift as often and no where near as heavy, I had to focus my energy elsewhere.

I wanted to put my energy towards something I knew would yield results. Nutrition.

“80% nutrition , 20% gym”

If we lived to these fine words of advice, we would all be looking and feeling great. But Life isn’t that easy. Its pretty hard to eat a Kale salad with a light balsamic dressing at 6 am in a hockey rink, with 3 kids playing on 3 different pads at the same time (true story)

Life happens!

Im not saying this is an excuse to eat the cookies and hot chocolate instead. It is a call to arms. Putting yourself first is sometimes if not near impossible. In todays world of go, go,go we lose sight sometimes of what we really want to accomplish.

All diets based on good food selection work. Its our ability to stick with one for more than two weeks that we loose its ability to help us reach what we set out to do. I work with my clients to think small first. Choose one thing that will make you a better you. More water, More time with your kids, More time spent preparing your meals, More time spent doing something new. They all lead to a better you. The secret is sticking to them.

Pick one thing today that will make you a better you, and stick to it for the next 24 hours. Drink 2.5 litres of water, stand up and move every 60min, cut all your vegetables for tomorrow, call your mother. What ever it is stick to it for 24 hours.

You will feel better for it I promise 🙂

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