September 20, 2014 Spencer Brudenell

Calgary Trip 2014

Hope everyone is enjoying themselves while Im away.  Arrived safe and sound, plane ride went well. Arrived on time and was met at the airport with a smile and a hug.

Calgary is a beautiful city, lots to do and lots to see.

I have put together a workout for you, I know you are all itching to get one in so here you go 🙂


warm up

bridges x 25
Bird dog x 20 {10 each side}
side plank 30 sec/ side
lower extension x 20
belly ups x 12


1. body weight squats x 25

2. Incline push ups x 15 {use stairs start on the 4th or 5th} {or on the kitchen counter}

3. Forward alternating lunge x 40 {20 each side}

4. Break downs x 15

5. Jump jacks x 20

6. Dips x 12 {use a sturdy chair or coffee table}

7. Step ups x 50 {25 each leg} { height 2 stairs}

8. Assisted toe touch x 12

9. Lower extension x 15

10. standing toe touch x 24 { 12 each leg } {remember to keep your back straight and touch right in front of the foot}

Repeat 2-3 times

Hope you enjoy the workout, Im heading out for a bike ride this morning to get the blood pumping!!

See you all soon!





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