May 21, 2014 Spencer Brudenell

Todays workout….



I took this to heart today….its time to change!!


Today’s workout was all about keeping it simple. Now simple by no means makes today’s workout easy!! I started with a quick warm up ; Face Pulls ( check out the instagram video I posted today ) / bridges / retractions /incline push ups / external rotation- banded / good-mornings / bird dogs.  Took about 8 min to get through the warm up.

I started the first set with a ton a volume/ the focus was the mind to muscle connection and multi joint  so I kept it to bodyweight resistance.

5 sets of 10 with no stop / pushups & pull ups = 50 push ups 50 Pull ups 🙂

The pump was on !!!!

I moved into multi joint work next /  DB bench press superset with (SSW) T-bar rows with chains. I used the chains on the rows to throw some more intensity at the back as it has been my focous over the last month. 4 sets 12,10,8,8

The next section to the workout was isolating my secondary muscle groups; standing BB bicepcurl /SSW/ band pull apart ( will be doing a video soon on these , killer!!!) /SSW/ DB tricep kick back. 5sets 12,12,12,12,12

My set/rep scheme was all about volume and intensity / 5sets 12 reps for all exercises that’s 60 reps per exercises !!

I think that today’s workout went well. I finished it a couple hours ago and I’m still pretty pumped up.


So here’s to pain, keep it coming and see the change that it brings!!!


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