Remember ….


I did something I never thought I would…

I went for a run last night…. Yes a run.


I made a deal with my buddy Scott that we would meet for a run 3 times a week. As we headed out from the studio at 8:45pm the rain had just stopped. The evening breeze was cool and the rain had left some puddles along our path. But we were determined to get our first run in. We headed towards Gibbins Park, with the plan of running for 60 sec and walking for 30 sec. It felt strange to run, it’s been quite awhile since I laced them up. Don’t get me wrong I run but playing a sport like basketball or volleyball is much different.

Scott and I were chatting about how it felt to get outside and run, instead of running like a hamster on a treadmill inside a gym. Its so much different running “real world” You have to adapt to your surroundings. The terrain continually changes, uphill’s, downhill’s to hoping over frogs (is that pun??) As we came up to our halfway point, we were both remarkably still doing well! As we came to the turnaround point we decided to sprint the last 50m, as we were feeling strong. We added an extra 30 sec after that to catch our breath!! It’s remarkable how different the muscle work in regards to explosive (sprint) and endurance (paced) .

On the return trip, we encountered a headwind, which cut our conversation quite a bit. We both had to focus on our breathing and tempo. As we drew closer to our finish, I think we both could see the end in sight. We agreed to forgo our rest period and run all the way to the end (a long 4min away!) I immediately got a stitch. Scott was pushing hard to the finish and the pace was quickening. I took a deep breath and pushed the pain to the back of my mind. As I concentrated on my breathing and moving one foot then the other:)

As we came across the finish, being two competitive guys we decided to add in a 40m sprint to finish it off… we left nothing behind.

I honestly would not have run last night if Scott was not there. Sometimes we need a little help to get moving !! So if you are having trouble getting some traction with your workouts or coming up with excuses try a training partner. They can help you push yourself and make sure there are NO excuses.

Legs feel pretty good, going to foam roll and get a workout in today. I’m looking forward to getting out again tomorrow night for a run…. just hope Scott is up for it too 🙂


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