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I was sent  (thanks David) an interesting article written by Daniel Duane for the New York Times, about the fitness industry. I was happy to see similarities to my training principles. I tell my clients that there is a fusion between science and fitness. You get A,B and C by doing X,Y and Z . My theory and practice of educating and teaching the client so one day they won’t necessarily need to train with me 2-3 times a week is covered. Not a greatest business model I know…but…

“Feed a person a fish, they eat for a day , teach a person to fish and they can feed themselves for life”

I hope that I can help each client understand fitness and how it affects their life, for the better 🙂

Keeping things “simple” sometimes gives the best results. If you have trained with me you know that I love to incorporate deadlifts into the program…nothing is simpler , pick up something heavy , put it down, repeat!

Read the article and let me know if you feel the same !


Click here to read the article -> http://nyti.ms/SwzHSD


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Goal setting is something I talk about with every client.

The type of goal will vary from person to person, but ultimately you want to choose a few. There’s no better feeling than that of accomplishment. Sounds simple but we sometimes we set our sights on only ONE. Why not look in a different direction?

Having more than one goal will help you gain momentum. I ask my clients to choose at least 5 fitness goals. A fitness goal can be anything from running 5km , complete 3 pull ups, eat clean for a week or drink 2.5 L H2O/day. All of these will help you with your overall fitness. As well it will give you an opportunity to start making check marks on your list. Not all goals are 6 or 8 months away.

” Im going to walk at lunch: Monday , Wednesday and Friday next week”

Bam!!! check mark !!!

Feels pretty good eh??

When setting goals with clients, I try and ask questions that not only reflect the exterior of the person but also what means the most to them on the inside. Completing a 5 min run for some will give them an opportunity of doing something they never thought possible. That accomplishment will help build the foundation for them to continue to grow.

Everytime someone says “I can’t” a child stops believing in tooth fairy….            Tooth Fairy

Don’t let that happen!! As long as you try. It is a step closer to the you, you want to be. And at the end of the day that’s the only person that matters. YOU!!

So here’s to You. Make today a step in the right direction.


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Workout / MAY 2014 /

I just finished editing a workout I shot a couple days ago , must say I am getting a bit faster with my editing program:)

My focus for the workout was some recovery work as well as some grip work. I had a massage the day before and am just incorporating massage into my programming, to aid in recovery. I’m still feeling out how my body will react to the massage (as I have only been twice) so I didn’t want to push too hard out of the gate.

I started with a 1km row to get the blood flowing. Increasing the speed and intensity of the pull every 500m.

I moved on to foam rolling next. I hit the I.T band/Quads/Calves and Achilles heel. 10 -15 passes each. Working out any knots and soreness that I felt.

Moving on to the grip work. I have wanted to spend a bit more time working my grip, as it will help with almost every lift I do. I also wanted to work grip, as its been helping my elbow soreness that I get when I do pulls ie; pull-ups / rows etc.

I finished the workout with standing bicep curl (banded).  I love the feeling I get from bands, epically with the curls. It “lights up” my biceps a ton!! With the variable resistance (www.faqs.org/sports-science/Us-Z-and-bibliography/Variable-Resistance-Exercise.html) the bands creates ie; the further you pull, the heavier things get.


“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Gandhi

“What you do speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson


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One of the greatest . . .


Bigger and Faster….


Remember there will always be someone BIGGER and FASTER then you….But that doesnt mean you let off the throttle!!!


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Todays workout….



I took this to heart today….its time to change!!


Today’s workout was all about keeping it simple. Now simple by no means makes today’s workout easy!! I started with a quick warm up ; Face Pulls ( check out the instagram video I posted today ) / bridges / retractions /incline push ups / external rotation- banded / good-mornings / bird dogs.  Took about 8 min to get through the warm up.

I started the first set with a ton a volume/ the focus was the mind to muscle connection and multi joint  so I kept it to bodyweight resistance.

5 sets of 10 with no stop / pushups & pull ups = 50 push ups 50 Pull ups 🙂

The pump was on !!!!

I moved into multi joint work next /  DB bench press superset with (SSW) T-bar rows with chains. I used the chains on the rows to throw some more intensity at the back as it has been my focous over the last month. 4 sets 12,10,8,8

The next section to the workout was isolating my secondary muscle groups; standing BB bicepcurl /SSW/ band pull apart ( will be doing a video soon on these , killer!!!) /SSW/ DB tricep kick back. 5sets 12,12,12,12,12

My set/rep scheme was all about volume and intensity / 5sets 12 reps for all exercises that’s 60 reps per exercises !!

I think that today’s workout went well. I finished it a couple hours ago and I’m still pretty pumped up.


So here’s to pain, keep it coming and see the change that it brings!!!


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Songs to swing (kettlebells) to

With Summer just around the corner, we will be spending more time outside, driving around with the windows down or in my case biking with headphones / no matter your transportation, the “windows” will be down and you might be looking to turn the system up!!

A recommendation for some sweet sounds… let me know if you like some Blood Orange in your life, I certainly do!!!


Blood Orange – Cupid Deluxe

Screenshot 2014-05-15 10.55.00



1. “Chamakay” 4:20
2. “You’re Not Good Enough” 4:21
3. “Uncle ACE” 4:17
4. “No Right Thing” 4:11
5. “It Is What It Is” 5:07
6. “Chosen” 6:45
7. “Clipped On” 3:11
8. Always Let U Down 5:14
9. “On The Line” 5:07
10. “High Street” 2:58
11. “Time Will Tell” 5:39


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