April 3000

Its a very typical middle of April afternoon, dark and dreary, rainy and wet. Though I don’t mind the April showers, they help clean off the dirt and debris left over from our long winter. I can happily say I have been biking since the beginning of April, and cant wait to log 1000’s of km this spring/summer.

I had a case of food poisoning last weekend, and am now 7 days later finally feeling like myself. After the weekend of hell, I have been really looking at getting back on track with my workouts. I was making pretty good gains in the last couple months and want to hit the summer at full strength. One particular lift I have been using a lot, is the assisted pull up. I really like being able to get 100 reps in a workout of a very effective lift ( PULL UPS) Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 9.53.51 PM

 I like to use a small hop to get my butt off the ground. Once Im moving theres only two things on my mind , chest to bar & squeeze.

With a warmer and sunnier month ahead in May, Im going to set some goals that will take me outside and into the fresh air!!! The walls are getting a bit tight at the studio these day, so I will be using the welcomed sunshine every time I can.

My Fitness Goal for May 

Hill runs – Sundays @ Reservoir Park time – 10am / week 1 – 10min / week2 – 15min / week 3 – 20min /week4 – 25min

I try and pick two other goals, One for nutrition (ie/clean eating Mondays/Wed/Friday) and 2, to try something non-fitness ( ie; reading a book  {currently Steven King- The Wastelands} )

Enjoy the rain this month, because its going to bring us a beauty May 🙂

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